Animated Video Services

Which One Is More Favorite Among Corporate Houses 2d Or 3d Animation.

Marketing team of any company are a group of artist, technicians, visionaries and craftspeople.

They draw and draft and dream all day long during job day. 

Theire bosses want that the marketing initiative is colorful, energetic, and visually superb. 

It can be 2d animation or 3d vfx. It can be done inhouse ( although rare ) or through hiring a professional production house.

These animated worlds take their good amount of job day time, for  commercials and television series .

They hire an Animated Vidoe Production house known for creating original content that is inspiring, impactful, and sought after.

Benefits of using 2d are

– low cost

– fast implementation

– fast rendering

– easy to create characters

– lots of features

– takes less time

– one animator can do the job

Benefits of using 3d are

– more real feeling

– more impressive

– u can create exact copy of the real life scene

– good for real estate promotion

– big portion of marketing budget can fit for 3d video So the final verdict is all yours. You can create a 2d video in less time with lesser funds, but you can achieve more in 3d video with higher budget and more resources.