Video Editing


Let’s go with the basics. 1. STANDARD: This is exactly what is sounds like, Its gonna be the end end of one scene and start another. Just putting two clips together with no flair no error meaning. 2. JUMP CUT: It’s gonna be just that to jump around the scene with the intent with the […]

Film Production


I’ll get throughout my career over the years i’ve given now a lot of feeds back to a lot of people and their work on their videos and more recently i used to do that feed series where i would look at your guys films and i would give you some sort of feet act […]

Corporate Film Production

Effective and Professional Corporate Video Production

As a corporate video maker, cutsncamera has played its role very efficiently in the promotion of every kind of business venture. We have promoted plenty of new and old brands in the market with our attractive and engaging promotional video. We have the best content creators, videographers and film directors who have huge experience and […]

Drone Video Production

Safety Step To Consider In Aerial Drone Photography & Videography While Making Your Corporate Video

Every company loves to have drone footage in their video. But did u know flying drone is just like airplane. If a commercial plane can crash, then drone can also crash. During a corporate video shoot in gurgaon or gurugram if you are taking the following services aerial drone photography & videography services for insurance  , […]

Animated Video Services

Which One Is More Favorite Among Corporate Houses 2d Or 3d Animation.

Marketing team of any company are a group of artist, technicians, visionaries and craftspeople. They draw and draft and dream all day long during job day.  Theire bosses want that the marketing initiative is colorful, energetic, and visually superb.  It can be 2d animation or 3d vfx. It can be done inhouse ( although rare […]

Corporate Film Production

Organise a event in your company with a motivational speaker.

Corporate Video Production Play Important Role In The Life Of The Employees As An HR Manager You Need To Make Sure That Employees Don’t Get Motivated Through Salaries And Designation You Also Need To Motivate Through Other Means And The Best Way Is To Invite Motivational  Speakers To The Office In The Friday Evening Or […]

Business Video Presentation

You Made A Nic Ppt , But Does It Carry Any Purpose

Simple Presentations Are Nice, But Can It Be Compared With Look And Feel An Animated Video Gives. When The Time Comes To Make Your Pitch In Front Of The Usa Client , You Have To Give 100% A Good Video Film Production House In Gurgaon Can Create Video Presentation Videos In Professional, Consistent And Coherent […]

Technical Support Videos

How Technical Support Videos Can Increase Sales Of Your Product?

Technical support is an important aspect of every company whether you are into product or service, Technical support is important after the sale of the product because there are lots of issues when customer needs to figure out what has to be done so, Every he cannot run and go back to the showroom or […]

Sony Camera

Why Sony A9 is the best camera for corporate video shoot?

We have been shooting since 2013 and we have done lots of corporate shoots, infect we used initially Nikon D-90, D- 700 and Canon 5D mark 3, and we love the Nikons and the canons but since 2017 we shifted to Sony from canon and Nikon. So basically, we really like the idea of quit […]

Event Video & Photography

How to select the right location for your upcoming video Shoot?

Next to next week you have one event lined up where you want to show your corporate video and the demand of the script is that it need certain locations for the shoot but your confused what to do, you are thinking that your office space is not sufficient to do the shoot or probably […]