Corporate film services / lets see how to stand out from crowd

Research, collaboration and ideation embodies this pre production stage of the process. We’ll work alongside you to identify out how best to talk to your customers, what are their problems are and what makes them happy and satisfied ! After we’ve got a full picture of the target audience, we’ll start coming up with what […]

Video Editing Services

5 ways to judge video editing and post production services

We know you are a corporate company. You dont hire video editors. You dont keep high fi video editing systems. You dont have regular work to justify salary of an editor. Yes we understand that. That is the reason you are looking for the perfect video production house who can serve you to provide all […]

Interview Videos

How to make interview videos , talking head more interesting .

Interviews are very very important in corporate content. Very crucial . Whether it is corporate av, testimonial, product video or any other type of video, interviews are very important and should not be neglected. Opting for a low cost , less experienced production will certainly increase a lot of the risk of a video interview: […]

Camera Comparison

Professional dslr mirrorles cameras vs mobile camera phones

Although you must have seen many tv advertisements where mobile phones are showcased as if its a device that has totally replace professional cameras. But this is quite far from reality. Mobile phones cannot replace the professional cameras used by video production houses in delhi ncr gurgaon gurugram. Lets first understand few benefits of mobile […]

Hotel Video Marketing

How hotel video marketing can bring booking back on track

The traveler of today is tech savvy and advertising matters a lot? Hotel video marketing will certainly lead to growth of your property. Video is a valuable asset that will encourage more bookings. This you need to keep in mind that it is appealing for every traveler when he or shee sees sexy shots and […]

Portfolio Photography

How to use a 5 star model portfolio photographer ?

To be taken seriously today, first impressions of your acutal personality are crucial. Your professional photographs need to tell a story and work for you, not against you. Cuts & Camera Production Studios have helped many aspiring indian and international models achieve that super important message that can be seen in your photographs. That’s the […]

corporate video and animation production company

why color grading is important for every corporate video

Using colour in video is a certainly a very necessary skill. Every video or film production house should take it very seriously! When as a client you renew the final video , one must understand that colour grading makes all the difference.Colour grading is when guy at editing table manipulates the colours in video footage […]

Animated Video Creators

Certain key processes to follow for a successful video animation project

During post covid era, lots of companies are avoiding actual site shoots. So whats the alternative. Yes you are right. Video animation. Video animation is a popular like you must have seen many explainers and character based video projects. Animation makes video content easy. The process, isn’t THAT simple. Lets check the processes level wise […]

Camera Review

A refined lowlight 4k video champion SONY A7S III

Overhauled design with new touch interfaceBrand-new 12.1MP back-illuminated sensorUp to 15 stops of dynamic range with S-LogNow with arrival of fully articulating screen. Fortunately, the breaks from tradition don’t stop there. Perhaps a bigger deal for long-time Sony devotees, and indeed critics, is that the company has finally opted for a full touch UI, and […]

Corporate Film Production

Corporate Film Production Mistakes done by artists

Choosing to create a corporate video to help promote your business needs patience.Your video should make strong impact. Avoid these errors in ur business Mistake #1: No Clear Purpose dont make generic corporate videos. corporate video should be made for a specific purpose. Ask yourself you want to attract fresh hiring you want to impress […]